BLOG # 75 Nov 2, 2021 at 8:33:46 AM

BLOG # 75 Nov 2, 2021 at 8:33:46 AM

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No, los mandatos de vacunas no son un ataque a la libertad

BLOG # 75 Nov 2, 2021 at 8:33:46 AM

No, Vaccine Mandates Aren’t an Attack on Freedom


– It’s hard to imagine a worse case for defending personal choice. (excerpts)

-The expressed rationale for all this activity is that it’s about protecting freedom. In reality, while there are several reasons for vaccine resistance, politics is a significant driver of the agitation. A successful vaccination campaign could mean a successful Biden administration, and the right is determined to prevent that, no matter how many avoidable deaths result from vaccine sabotage. It’s noteworthy that Fox has a very strict vaccination policy for its own employees.

You could hardly come up with a better example than Covid-19 vaccination if you wanted to design a hypothetical situation in which arguments for freedom of choice don’t apply.

First, personal choice is fine — as long as your personal choices don’t hurt other people.

The unvaccinated are much more likely to contract the coronavirus, and hence potentially infect others, than those who’ve had their shots

The unvaccinated are far more likely than the vaccinated to require hospitalization, which means that they place stress on the health care system. They also impose financial costs on the general public, because given the prevalence of insurance both public and private, their hospital bills end up being largely covered by the rest of us.

Finally, the most contentious area in this whole argument involves vaccine and mask requirements for schools. And in this area, opponents of mandates aren’t making decisions for themselves — they’re making decisions for their children, who have rights of their own and aren’t simply their parents’ property.

Medicine, in case you haven’t noticed, is a complex and difficult subject. As a result, it’s an area where it’s a bad idea to leave people entirely to their own devices.


My 2 cents opinion:
Yes, I also want to be free and happy. To me that means disease-free, freedom to move among the public without fear of catching a deadly virus. Happiness for me is having quick access to a hospital when needing emergency treatment, and not having to discuss medicine with someone who does not hold a medical or clinical degree.

Sí, también quiero ser libre y feliz. Para mí, eso significa libertad libre de enfermedades para moverse entre el público sin temor a contraer un virus mortal. La felicidad para mí es tener acceso rápido a un hospital cuando necesito tratamiento de emergencia y no tener que hablar de medicina con alguien que no tiene un título médico o clínico.

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