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La asombrosa supervivencia de la casa de campo representada en la acuarela recién presentada por Van Gogh

• BLOG # 87-Nov 6, 2021 at 11:00:52 AM

The astonishing survival of the farmhouse depicted in Van Gogh’s newly unveiled watercolour


Vincent’s picture of wheatstacks is coming up at Christie’s on 11 November—yours for around $25m

-Van Gogh’s magnificent watercolour Wheatstacks has always been hidden away in private collections. Last exhibited in 1905, it has only now been reproduced in colour. Last month I revealed how the painting was looted by the Nazis (it is now being sold by agreement with its pre-war owners).

Van Gogh began the work by outlining some of the key elements in pencil. He then used an array of inked lines, dashes and dots, partly drawn with a reed pen. He would make these pens himself, from reeds he cut in the local canals. The use of thickish reed marks can be seen most clearly in the central wheatstack.

But it is the dazzling colours that bring the watercolour and gouache painting to life. Set under a loosely-painted sky, the harvested, golden wheat provides a dramatic contrast to the varied blues. The work also includes delightful details, such as a pair of chickens (which can easily be missed, in the lower-right corner).


At the back of the watercolour is the Mas (farm) de Griffeuille, named after its 17th-century owner Jacques Griffeuille. By Van Gogh’s time the farm was bordered by the Paris-Marseilles railway line and the Canal du Vigueirat. The view is near the entrance to the farm, facing north-east.


My 2 cents opinion:
This is good news for those who treasure preserving historical sites around the world. Progress, at least in France, does not have to be destructive of the past.

Esta es una buena noticia para aquellos que valoran la preservación de sitios históricos en todo el mundo. El progreso, al menos en Francia, no tiene por qué destruir el pasado.

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