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•Cobertizos de comedor salvaron N.Y.C. ¿Podrían destruirlo?

• BLOG # 89-Nov 6, 2021 at 11:13:29 AM

Dining Sheds Saved N.Y.C. Could They Destroy It?


The Lower East Side has turned into an all-night fraternity party, locals say, and small businesses are asking for help.

– Since the 19th century, shopping has been an animating pastime on the Lower East Side, but at some point well into the 21st, a frat-boy style of barhopping superseded it as the reigning recreation. “It was really bad before Covid, but this has made things unlivable,” Ms. Koenigsberg told me, the “this” being a party that has poured into the streets with no apparent closing hour. Often, after the deluge, she will arrive at her store in the morning to find greasy napkins, cockroaches, stamped out cigarettes and evidence that last night’s celebrants elected to relieve themselves at the most convenient point possible.


My 2 cents opinion:
The restaurant industry may be surviving at the cost of the loss of quality of life for everyone except those who spend money in restaurants and bars. It seems that alcohol is the fuel that makes the night crowd happy, and celebration can often continue in these wooden street sheds that were never meant to be attractive or permanent. Winter is coming, it is time to make durable decisions that make sense for everyone.

La industria de los restaurantes puede estar sobreviviendo a costa de la pérdida de la calidad de vida de todos, excepto de aquellos que gastan dinero en restaurantes y bares. Parece que el alcohol es el combustible que hace feliz a la multitud de la noche, y la celebración a menudo puede continuar en estos cobertizos de madera que nunca fueron destinados a ser atractivos o permanentes. Se acerca el invierno, es hora de tomar decisiones duraderas que hagan sentido para todos.

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