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Con los casos acumulados, una crisis de desalojo se desarrolla paso a paso

• BLOG # 89 Nov 7, 2021 at 8:47:41 AM

With Cases Piling Up, an Eviction Crisis Unfolds Step by Step


In Indianapolis, eviction courts are packed as judges make their way through a months-long backlog of cases. In Detroit, advocates are rushing to knock on the doors of tenants facing possible eviction. In Gainesville, Fla., landlords are filing evictions at a rapid pace as displaced tenants resort to relatives’ couches for places to sleep or seek cheaper rents outside the city.

It is not the sudden surge of evictions that tenants and advocates feared after the Supreme Court ruled in August that President Biden’s extension of the eviction moratorium was unconstitutional. Instead, what’s emerging is a more gradual eviction crisis that is increasingly hitting communities across the country, especially those where the distribution of federal rental assistance has been slow, and where tenants have few protections.

And even now, experts say, the available numbers dramatically undercount the number of tenants being forced from their homes either through court-ordered evictions or informal ones, especially as rising rents make seeking new tenants increasingly profitable for landlords.

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Neither political party is set to save tenants who cannot pay their rent. Democrats already started losing their majority even for talking about having a “safety net”. That is a concept now considered Un-American. This time-bomb will explode in due time.

Ninguno de los partidos políticos está preparado para salvar a los inquilinos que no pueden pagar el alquiler. Los demócratas ya comenzaron a perder su mayoría incluso por hablar de tener una “red de seguridad social”. Ese es un concepto que ahora se considera Antiamericano. Esta bomba de tiempo explotará a su debido tiempo.