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Con los casos acumulados, una crisis de desalojo se desarrolla paso a paso

• BLOG # 91 Nov 7, 2021 at 9:03:21 AM

Biden’s infrastructure win gives him some momentum. Here’s why he needs that


Friday night was a long one for President Biden, working the phones at the end of a week where his party lost a bellwether race in Virginia, following months of Democratic infighting over his agenda. Down in the polls, he had just returned from an overseas trip where he said he faced questions about whether he had support to back the pledges he made on the world stage.

But by Saturday morning, Biden could not contain his ebullience, celebrating a major legislative victory: a long-stalled $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill had passed with bipartisan support.

The bill’s passage — combined with some positive news on the economy and the pandemic — could give Biden some momentum for tackling the next big piece of his agenda, a sprawling package of social programs, an overhaul of the tax system and billions of dollars of climate incentives. The size and scope of the plan has exposed deep division within his own party. But it’s another win he’s eager to secure ahead of looming 2022 congressional elections.

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Needless to say, people are often persuaded given benefits, and for politicians keeping their promises. Biden might fail, but at least, it will not be because he did not keep election promises.

Demás esta decir que la gente suele ser persuadida por los beneficios y por los políticos que cumplan sus promesas. Biden podría fallar, pero al menos, no será porque no cumplió sus promesas electorales.