BLOG # 94 Nov 8, 2021

BLOG # 94 Nov 8, 2021

• BLOG # 94 Nov 8, 2021 at 8:37:16 AM

En Rumania, duramente golpeada por Covid, los médicos luchan contra el rechazo de la vacuna

• BLOG # 94 Nov 8, 2021 at 8:37:16 AM

In Romania, Hard-Hit by Covid, Doctors Fight Vaccine Refusal


An anti-vaccine clarion call by leading religious figures, echoed by prominent politicians and social media, helps explain why Romania now has the world’s highest Covid death rate.

As a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic crashed over Eastern Europe last month, devastating unvaccinated populations, an Orthodox Church bishop in southern Romania offered solace to his flock: “Don’t be fooled by what you see on TV — don’t be scared of Covid.”

Most important, Bishop Ambrose of Giurgiu told worshipers in this small Romanian town on Oct. 14, “don’t rush to get vaccinated.”

The bishop is now under criminal investigation by the police for spreading dangerous disinformation, but his anti-vaccine clarion call, echoed by prominent politicians, influential voices on the internet and many others, helps explain why Romania has in recent weeks reported the world’s highest per capita death rate from Covid-19.

On Tuesday, nearly 600 Romanians died, the most during the pandemic. The country’s death rate relative to population is almost seven times as high as the United States’, and almost 17 times as high as Germany’s.


It is tragic. At a time when populations around the world need objective advice that will safeguard their health, religions are mixing ancient belief into modern public health standards.

Es trágico. En un momento en que las poblaciones de todo el mundo necesitan consejos objetivos que salvaguarden su salud, las religiones están mezclando creencias antiguas con estándares modernos de salud pública.

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