BLOG # 97

BLOG # 97

• BLOG # 96 Nov 8, 2021 at 8:37:44 AM

Miles protestan en Nueva Zelanda contra la vacuna obligatoria

BLOG # 97-Nov 9, 2021 at 9:25:43 AM

Thousands protest in New Zealand against mandatory vaccination


New Zealand is one of the countries that has fought most effectively against the coronavirus and only has about 7,650 infections and 32 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Several thousand people gathered on Tuesday around the New Zealand Parliament, in Wellington, to protest the mandatory vaccination against covid-19 and the harsh restrictions imposed in the oceanic country during the pandemic.

In the midst of a significant police presence, the protesters carried banners with messages such as “Freedom” (Freedom), “No more control” (No more control) or “My body, My choice” (My body, my decision), as they showed images from local media.

In the march, which took place in a peaceful manner and in which numerous flags of former US President Donald Trump were seen, a concentration of bikers participated and harsh criticism was launched against the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.


The past U.S. president who failed to win an election, or make early decisions about the threat of a deadly virus, is now an icon of unrest about public health policies. The presumed rationale is “liberty” to do what an individual wants with their own body. Liberty to infect other healthy individuals and clog health facilities with an avoidable infection, is not a civil right. But I guess everyone marching knows this, or they should.

El ex presidente de los Estados Unidos que no ganó una elección o no tomó decisiones tempranas sobre la amenaza de un virus mortal, es ahora un ícono de malestar por las políticas de salud pública. El supuesto fundamento es la “libertad” para hacer lo que un individuo quiera con su propio cuerpo. La libertad de infectar a otras personas sanas o abarrotar las instalaciones de salud con una infección evitable no es un derecho civil. Pero supongo que todos los que marchan saben esto, o deberían.

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