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Un bote de basura de Myrtle Beach arrasado en Irlanda

• BLOG # 99 Nov 9, 2021 at 9:36:37 AM

A Trash Can From Myrtle Beach Washed Up in Ireland


“It reminded me straight away of maybe like a message in a bottle type scenario,” said Keith McGreal, who discovered the bin on Sunday afternoon while strolling on a beach with his family.

Keith McGreal was walking along Mulranny Beach in County Mayo, Ireland, on Sunday when he spotted a blue plastic barrel that had washed ashore like a message in a bottle.

Instead of a tightly wrapped letter inside, a clue to the barrel’s origins was found on the stickers plastered to its dirty sides: “City of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.”

The trash can had wandered 3,500 miles from home.

“The first reaction was, ‘Wow,’” Mr. McGreal, 44, said on Tuesday. “I said, ‘This is not from Ireland.’”

Mr. McGreal, a safety and environmental officer, had been spending time with his family that afternoon when he and his children spotted a blue object in the distance and decided to race toward it.


Pollution does not respect political frontiers. The world is one unit when it comes to toxicity. Without global cooperation on pollution control, the future looks dark.

La contaminación no respeta las fronteras políticas. El mundo es una unidad cuando se trata de toxicidad. Sin la cooperación mundial en el control de la contaminación, el futuro parece oscuro.

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