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BLOG # 103 Nov 10, 2021 at 8:12:46 AM<br /> AM

El Congreso está investigando a McKinsey sobre su papel en la crisis de los opioides

BLOG # 103 Nov 10, 2021 at 8:12:46 AM

• Congress Is Investigating McKinsey Over Its Role in the Opioid Crisis


A House committee has requested documents related to the firm’s advice to drug makers and potential conflicts of interest with the F.D.A.

In a new assault on the global consulting giant McKinsey & Company, Congress on Friday started an investigation into the firm’s role in the opioid crisis, sending a letter demanding records related to its “business practices, conflicts of interest and management standards.”

The 12-page letter, which was sent by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, asked for names of McKinsey clients in the health care industry as well as documents connected to its work with opioid manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The committee is also looking at how McKinsey’s consulting for drugmakers may conflict with work it has done for the Food and Drug Administration.

By advising opioid makers and “the federal agency regulating their conduct,” McKinsey “may have had a significant negative impact on Americans’ health,” the committee said.


Opioids have damaged generations of people seeking pain-relief. The medical boards, law enforcement, pharmaceuticals, and for sure, the Federal Drug Administration are part of the crisis. It is not hard to see, even to the casual observer, that having an advisor who counsels and recommends for both the agency which issues drug approvals, and the manufacturer of the same drug, will result in a clear conflict of interests. On this one, the public lost.

Los opioides han dañado a generaciones de personas que buscan analgésicos. Las juntas médicas, las fuerzas del orden, los productos farmacéuticos y, por supuesto, la Administración Federal de Drogas son parte de la crisis. No es difícil ver, incluso para el observador casual, que tener un asesor que asesore y recomiende tanto para la agencia que emite las aprobaciones de medicamentos como para el fabricante del mismo medicamento resultará en un claro conflicto de intereses. En este, el público perdió.

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