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BLOG # 104 Nov 10, 2021 at 8:40:30 AM AM

Rusia envía bombarderos para sobrevolar Bielorrusia y culpa a la UE de catástrofe migratoria

BLOG # 104 Nov 10, 2021 at 8:40:30 AM

• Russia sends bombers to fly over Belarus, blames EU for migrant catastrophe


Russia blamed the European Union on Wednesday for the migrant crisis on the border between Belarus and Poland, accusing it of trying to “strangle” Belarus with plans to close part of the frontier and urging it to talk directly with Minsk.

As migrants from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa made new attempts to break into Poland overnight, Moscow sent a further signal of support for its ally Belarus by dispatching two strategic bomber planes to patrol Belarusian airspace.


While displaced populations seek refuge from war and starvation, superpowers try to round them up like cattle, escorting them out of their countries with their large military force.

Mientras las poblaciones desplazadas buscan refugio de la guerra y el hambre, las superpotencias intentan rodearlas como si fueran ganado, escoltándolas fuera de sus países con su gran fuerza militar.

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