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• BLOG # 109

“La ley aplica a todos por igual”: Pierluisi reacciona a orden de arresto contra el presidente de LUMA

•BLOG # 109

“The law applies to everyone equally”: Pierluisi reacts to the arrest warrant against the president of LUMA


The governor points out that failure to deliver documents to the House of Representatives is not a reason to cancel the consortium contract
This is how Governor Pedro Pierluisi reacted today, Wednesday, to the arrest warrant issued by Judge Anthony Cuevas, of the San Juan Court of First Instance, against the president of LUMA Energy, Wayne Stensby, for civil contempt.

Upon his departure from an activity of the Aqueducts and Sewers Authority (AAA) and the Puerto Rico Water & Environment Association called “State of Infrastructure of the AAA and its Capital Improvements Program,” the governor expanded on his response.

“No one is above the law, so we must abide by the court’s directive and, in this case, we will see what the development is,” he said.


It is absurd for the government to consider a person trustworthy when he does not want to voluntarily testify in public when the government summons him to testify about his company’s problems in providing electricity to the island of Puerto Rico.

Es absurdo que el gobierno considere confiable una persona que no quiera testificar voluntariamente en publico cuando el gobierno lo cite a testificar sobre su compañía y sus proveyendo energía eléctrica en la isla de Puerto Rico.

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