BLOG # 110

BLOG # 110

• BLOG # 110

BLos negociadores logran un acuerdo climático, pero el mundo sigue lejos de limitar el calentamiento

• BLOG # 110

Negotiators Strike a Climate Deal, but World Remains Far From Limiting Warming


Some activists called the agreement in Glasgow disappointing, but it established a clear consensus that all countries need to do much more.

The new deal will not, on its own, solve global warming, despite the urgent demands of many of the thousands of politicians, environmentalists and protesters who gathered at the Glasgow climate summit. Its success or failure will hinge on whether world leaders now follow through with new policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions. And the deal still leaves vulnerable countries far short of the funds they need to cope with increasing weather disasters.


Powerful forces stand in the way of the reduction of toxic and labor intensive sources of energy, so not much was expected from these talks.

Fuerzas poderosas se interponen en el camino de la reducción de fuentes de energía tóxicas e intensivas en mano de obra, por lo que no se esperaba mucho de estas conversaciones.

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