BLOG # 111

¿Sabes cómo terminaron los Beatles? Peter Jackson puede cambiar de opinión.

• BLOG # 111

Know How the Beatles Ended? Peter Jackson May Change Your Mind.


The director’s three-part documentary “Get Back” explores the most contested period in the band’s history and reveals there’s still plenty to debate.

It is a cold January morning in 1969, and three of the four Beatles are assembled in a cavernous film studio in London, with cameras rolling and microphones everywhere. “Lennon’s late again,” Paul McCartney says matter of factly, as he plugs in his bass guitar.

With Ringo Starr and George Harrison sitting groggily before him, a tray of toast and jam by their side, McCartney starts to strum and sing, searching for inspiration. Within minutes, a mid-tempo groove takes shape and a familiar vocal melody emerges. “Get back,” he sings in a faint howl. “Get back to where you once belonged.” Almost like magic, a Beatles classic begins to form out of nothing.

Later that same day, after John Lennon arrives, the four rock deities gather in a circle and bicker. They have loose plans for a concert TV special featuring brand-new songs, but most of the men appear to be dreading it — and may be dreading one another, too. Lennon, who seems to space out for much of the meeting, declares vaguely that “communication” with an audience is his only aim, while an impatient McCartney challenges his bandmates to show some enthusiasm for the project or abandon it.

Harrison blurts out what they may all be thinking: “Maybe we should have a divorce?”


Towards the end of the band’s existence, it was being held together by outside forces that challenged their individuality. Their breakup had to happen for their sanity.

Hacia el final de la existencia de la banda, fue mantenida unida por fuerzas externas que desafiaron su individualidad. Su ruptura tuvo que ocurrir para mantener su cordura.

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