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BLOG # 113

El plan de cuidado infantil de Biden se enfrenta a la resistencia de grupos religiosos

BLOG # 113

Biden’s Child Care Plan Faces Resistance From Religious Groups


A nondiscrimination provision in the $1.85 trillion social policy bill could disqualify some religious organizations, spurring a fight over who can benefit from President Biden’s landmark bill.

Some of the faith groups are pressing lawmakers to scrap or modify the nondiscrimination language, asserting that it would essentially shut them out of the new federal program unless they made major changes to the way they operate. For instance, it could bar federal funds from going to programs that refused to hire a gay employee, gave preference to applicants of their faith or failed to renovate their facilities to accommodate disabled students.

“Who do they want to shut out? Is it the lesbian mom you want to shut out?” said Liz King, the director of the Education Equity Program at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “Is it the children with autism you want to shut out? Since at least 1964, the law and basic principle has been that federal funds cannot be used to discriminate. No one should have to subsidize their own discrimination.”

But religious organizations that have spent decades successfully steering clear of federal mandates say the legislation could be crippling to their educational programs.


It would be a great disservice to the disabled to allow institutions that use federal funds to discriminate. Having worked in many preschool programs run by religious institutions, I saw first hand the obstacles faced by a student with a disability tries to negotiate the unfriendly structures in which these programs are located. Right now, they are exempt from modifying their buildings to accommodate the handicapped. And, to make matters worse, if you are an adult with a handicap, or reach an age when mobility is an issue, the religious institutions have a reason to not employ you. If the religious want to practice their belief they may have to pay more out of their own pocket. I am sure the great one in the sky would agree.

Sería un gran perjuicio para los discapacitados permitir que las instituciones que usan fondos federales discriminen. Habiendo trabajado en muchos programas preescolares administrados por instituciones religiosas, vi de primera mano los obstáculos que enfrenta un estudiante con discapacidad que intenta negociar las estructuras hostiles en las que se ubican estos programas. En este momento, están exentos de modificar sus edificios para acomodar a los discapacitados. Y, para empeorar las cosas, si eres un adulto con una discapacidad o llegas a una edad en la que la movilidad es un problema, las instituciones religiosas tienen una razón más para no contratarte. Si los religiosos quieren practicar sus creencias, es posible que tengan que pagar más de su propio bolsillo. Estoy seguro de que el grande en el cielo estaría de acuerdo.

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