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BLOG # 117

Las ventas minoristas aumentaron por tercer mes consecutivo en octubre,

BLOG # 117

Retail sales rose for the third straight month in October,


even as companies increased prices for goods and dealt with shipping delays, supply chain disruptions and labor shortages ahead of the holiday season.

Sales climbed 1.7 percent following a 0.8 percent increase in September, the Commerce Department reported on Tuesday.

A rise in consumer prices is partially driving the gains, with the costs of food, gasoline and other household goods climbing sharply. Consumer prices rose 6.2 percent in October from a year earlier, its fastest pace in three decades, the Consumer Price Index showed. The increases come as businesses continue to face supply chain woes and a higher demand for goods.


Even when the present administration gets bad press about the economy, people seem to have a lot of available money to spend in non-essential goods. This can’t be all that bad for capitalists.

Incluso cuando la actual administración recibe mala prensa sobre la economía, la gente parece tener mucho dinero disponible para gastar en bienes no esenciales. Esto no puede ser tan malo para los capitalistas.

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