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BLOG # 120

George Clooney dice que tener balas reales en el set de la película fatal de Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ es ‘una locura’:

BLOG # 120

George Clooney says having live bullets on the set of fatal Alec Baldwin movie ‘Rust’ is ‘insane’:


Blames ‘skimping’ on production and says he’s never heard of the phrase ‘cold gun’

The Hollywood star, 60, blasted the ‘infuriating’ Rust production team

He said they used gun safety measures he has never encountered on any film set

Alec Baldwin was told the revolver was a ‘cold gun’ but it contained a live round


Yes, it is weird how an entertainment business uses live guns nonchalantly. They obviously do not have respect for deadly weapons. Why expose your life to death, when you are just trying to make money and provide recreation for the masses?

Sí, es extraño cómo una empresa de entretenimiento usa armas reales con indiferencia. Obviamente, no tienen respeto por las armas mortales. ¿Por qué exponer tu vida a la muerte cuando solo estás tratando de ganar dinero y brindar recreación a las masas?

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