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BLOG # 123

vulnerable a un movimiento de protesta bien organizado.

  • Modi dijo que su gobierno derogaría tres leyes agrícolas destinadas a arreglar el sector agrícola en apuros del país, en una concesión sorpresa a las protestas de un año de agricultores preocupados de que las reformas arruinarían sus medios de vida.

    BLOG # 123

    In Rare Show of Weakness, Modi Bows to India’s Farmers


    A bungled response to Covid and a struggling economy has hurt his party’s standing, leaving it vulnerable to a well-organized protest movement.

    Narendra Modi has dominated politics in India for seven years. With broad public support and big majorities in Parliament, the prime minister has pushed through dramatic and sometimes damaging policies. His government has fiercely advocated a Hindu-focused nationalist agenda and used increasingly heavy-handed tactics to silence critics, with little effective opposition.

    JOn Friday, with a rare retreat, Mr. Modi suddenly doesn’t look quite as dominant.

    Mr. Modi said that his government would repeal three farm laws aimed at fixing the country’s struggling agricultural sector, in a surprise concession to yearlong protests by farmers worried that the overhauls

    would ruin their livelihoods.


    A pandemic is not a good time to try to implement agricultural reform. The producers of food have more power than bureaucracy.

    Una pandemia no es un buen momento para intentar implementar una reforma agrícola. Los productores de alimentos tienen más poder que la burocracia.

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