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BLOG # 128

Eric Clapton duplica su postura anti-vacunas en una aparición en un podcast,

BLOG # 128

Eric Clapton doubles down on his anti-vaxxer stance in a podcast appearance, *

while blaming a bad Rolling Stone review for the demise of legendary late-60s rockers Cream

It seems a quiet and dignified retirement isn’t on the cards for Eric Clapton, as the guitarist recently appeared on The Defender, a podcast hosted by vocal anti-vaccine campaigner Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Yes, he is a relation.)

The pair, neither of whom hold any discernible medical qualifications, discussed the impact of COVID-19 and how their anti-vaccine stances affected their relationships, as well as Clapton’s recent collaboration with fellow sceptic Van Morrison, Stand And Deliver. In one particularly weighted instance of irony, Clapton bemoaned that his family and f

“Over the last year, there’s been a lot of disappearing, a lot of dust around with people moving away quite quickly,” he said. “It has, for me, refined the kind of friendships I have. And it’s dwindled down to the people that I obviously really need and love. Inside my family that became quite pivotal… I’ve got teenage girls and an older girl who’s in her thirties and they’ve all had to kind of give me leeway because I haven’t been able to convince any of them.”


It should be telling, that this ex-Blind Faith member has lost the support of even family members for his antivaccine stance. Now like the lyrics of The Presence of the Lord, he can truly sing “I can’t find my way home” with certainty. Debería ser revelador que este ex miembro de Blind Faith haya perdido el apoyo de incluso miembros de su familia por su postura contra la vacuna. Ahora, al igual que la letra de In The Preesence of The Lord, realmente puede cantar “No puedo encontrar el camino a casa” (“I cna’t find my way home”) con certeza.

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Aging rocker can not find his way home…