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BLOG # 125

Kyle Rittenhouse y la nueva era de violencia política

BLOG # 125

Kyle Rittenhouse and the New Era of Political Violence *

What brought the teenager and so many others to the streets of Kenosha, Wis., equipped for war?

They called themselves citizens or patriots, and the demonstrators and media often called them militias, but it would have been most accurate to call them paramilitaries: young-to-middle-aged white men, mostly, armed with assault-style rifles and often clad in tactical gear, who appeared in town that evening arrayed purposefully around gas stations and used-car lots. Their numbers, based on video footage and firsthand accounts, may have run anywhere from the high dozens to the low hundreds, but no official estimates were made. Law-enforcement officers seemed to have broadly tolerated, and occasionally openly expressed support for, their activities, despite the fact that many of them were violating the same emergency curfew order under which dozens of demonstrators were arrested.


Republicans demonstrate to vigilantes what they must do when comfronted with civil unrest. All hell is going to break loose for unarmed civilians. Gun enthusiasts must practice crying and emotional outbursts display in court – the gateway to innocence. Shooting into crowds during mayhem is OK. Los republicanos demuestran a los vigilantes lo que deben hacer cuando se enfrentan a disturbios civiles. Todo el infierno se desatará para los civiles desarmados. Los entusiastas de las armas deben practicar el llanto y la exhibición de arrebatos emocionales en la corte, la puerta de entrada a la inocencia. Disparar a la multitud durante un caos está bien.

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