BLOG # 126

En Europa, nuevamente el epicentro de la pandemia, nuevas restricciones provocan resistencias.

BLOG # 126

In Europe, again the pandemic’s epicenter, new restrictions provoke resistance. *

Rioters set fires on the streets of Rotterdam and attacked police officers at a demonstration against Covid measures in the Netherlands on Friday night. Austria was bracing for protests on Saturday, a day after announcing a nationwide lockdown and plan to make coronavirus vaccinations compulsory. And protests were planned in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

A year and a half after the coronavirus swept through Europe with devastating effect, prompting strict lockdowns, the continent is once again the epicenter of the pandemic. And as governments increasingly return to measures limiting public life and introduce vaccination requirements, protests pushing back against those rules are also rising.

With infections soaring and antiviral drugs to treat the coronavirus not yet available, governments have doubled down on calls for people to get vaccinated, including with booster shots. They have also shifted from voluntary measures to mandatory ones as they lose patience with people who are resisting inoculation.


(The antivaccine movement fights back mandates that safeguard the general public, not just those who do not believe in science. Let’s see who wins.) El movimiento antivacunas contraataca los mandatos que protegen al público en general, no solo a aquellos que no creen en la ciencia. Veamos quién gana.

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Who is winning the battle for immunity? — the virus.