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BLOG # 134

Nov 22, 2021 at 8:26:27 AM

Para los grupos paramilitares, el veredicto de Rittenhouse significa una reivindicación

BLOG # 134

To Paramilitary Groups, Rittenhouse Verdict Means Vindication *

His acquittal has reinvigorated support on the right for armed responses to racial justice protests and unrest.

On Friday, as Kyle Rittenhouse stood in a courtroom in Kenosha, Wis., awaiting the verdict in his trial, a large bald man with mutton chop sideburns sat in a pew several rows behind him. As a court clerk announced Mr. Rittenhouse’s acquittal on all charges, a faint smile passed across the man’s lips.

“I’m walking on sunshine,” the man, Kevin Mathewson, said the next day. A local private investigator and former city alderman, he had attended every day of the trial, in which he had more than a passing interest.oquially refer to it as a “bee scream.”

Mr. Mathewson’s call to arms was one of several in Kenosha that day, which collectively brought dozens of mostly white armed paramilitaries into the streets of the city’s small downtown, creating a heavily armed confrontation with demonstrators that came to a head with the Rittenhouse shootings. Mr. Mathewson went home hours before the shootings, and no evidence ever connected Mr. Rittenhouse — whom Mr. Mathewson said he had never met — to his Facebook post. But his proximity to the incident led to him being banned from Facebook, where his Aug. 25 post had been flagged repeatedly for violating the platform’s ban on militia activity and had left an aura of suspicion around him.


The weapons industry is celebrating. More scared white citizens will buy guns to deal with people using protest to air grievances in public. It is a tragic day for civic peace. La industria de las armas lo está celebrando. Los ciudadanos blancos asustados comprarán armas para lidiar con personas que usan la protesta como ejercicio de su derecho a expresar sus quejas en público. Es un día trágico para la paz cívica.

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