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Blog # 137-Nov 24, 2021 at 10:01:45 AM

BLOG # 137

Is the Four-Day Workweek Finally Within Our Grasp? (2)


After embracing flexible work styles during the pandemic, some companies are now embracing a shorter week.
Kickstarter, Shake Shack and Unilever’s New Zealand unit are among those that have experimented with the four-day workweek, or have announced plans to. And after an experiment in Iceland supported the idea that the system improves worker well-being without reducing overall output, a majority of the country’s workers have now moved to shorter workweeks, or will gain the right to.
Four-day weeks have felt tantalizingly close before. Richard Nixon, then vice president, in 1956 predicted a four-day workweek in the “not too distant future.”
President Jimmy Carter in 1977 said a four-day workweek would conserve energy amid the oil crisis, and considered urging companies to adopt it. In 1978, The Washington Post proclaimed, “Ever since the beginning of the 1970s, the four-day workweek has seemed to be just around the corner, but this time it looks for real.” That same year, Douglas Fraser, president of the United Auto Workers, said a shorter week was “absolutely inevitable.”

The “absolutely inevitable” is still in the distant future. The United States is not a progressive country.