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BLOG # 138

In the pre-dawn darkness (3)


30 Million Pounds of Produce in One Day
In the pre-dawn darkness before New York City whirred to life, pushcarts and forklifts in the Bronx ferried Thanksgiving-themed produce to trucks bound for stores and restaurants.
In the past few days, she has sold 22,000 cases of potatoes.
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is the market’s busiest day of the year, with roughly 30 million pounds of produce typically sold on that day alone, including favorites like sweet potatoes and cranberries.
“We call this controlled chaos,” said Michael Armata, who buys and sells produce for E. Armata, a company started by his great-grandfather, Erasmo Armata.
Nearby, at A&J Produce, a salesman, Gabe Kurt, took a call. “Nah, strawberries are expensive right now — still $60,” he said and then hung up. He explained: “People call around for the best price and whoever is cheaper, they come back and buy from.”
Craig Mason, a porter at Robt. T. Cochran & Co., wheeled products to the truck of a customer who thanked him with some folded bills.
“Thanksgiving also means tips,” he said with a smile.

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