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Blog # 141

BLOG # 141

These Unforgettable Photos Of Poverty Challenge The Idea Of The American Dream (1)


“It’s not difficult to find these stories.”
American culture promotes the long-standing belief that this country is the land of opportunity — that if you try hard enough, you can build the life you want. But that belief has been severely tested, especially recently, with rising income inequality, skyrocketing housing, healthcare and education costs, and the long-term effects of redlining and other exclusionary practices being laid bare. Nonetheless, the myth persists, at least until you look at photographer Matt Black’s first book, American Geography.

Romantic images of life in America have long encouraged people from other countries, whose life is difficult, to try their luck in the U.S. This has recently changed due to the recent “nationalist” trend in U.S. politics. Pandemic times has made those dreams impossible.