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BLOG # 142

BLOG # 142

BLOG # 142

Adaptive headlights finally legal in US with Biden’s infrastructure bill signed into law

We’ll finally be treated to some great tech that outdated regulations kept from our shores.

Here come the adaptive headlights. With Monday’s signing ceremony for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, President Biden’s pen stroke did more than unlock billions of dollars for infrastructure in the US. The law opens the door for the latest headlight technologies to finally hit the road here.

Adaptive headlights go by many different names, depending on which brand’s touting their own tech, but Audi’s Digital Matrix LED headlights are one of the better-known examples. What these headlights can do is automatically shut off certain clusters of LEDs while you’re driving. Today, headlights in the US really just go from bright, to really bright when flicking on the high beams. Sure, automatic high beams are a thing, but adaptive headlights take things 10 steps further.

These new headlights might save motorist’s lives.
Estos nuevos faros delanteros podrían salvar la vida de los automovilistas.