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BLOG #158(1)

As U.K. Beckons Truck Drivers, Many in Poland Say ‘No Thanks’

AA special visa offer, aimed at forestalling a supply chain fiasco during the holidays, goes begging for takers.

Drivers reported hearing the occasional nativist remark, variations of “You should go back to your country.” More common is the general sense that the atmosphere in Britain has become less hospitable. Even the time limit on the visa offer feels less than welcoming. The clear message, a few drivers said, is “Come here and work until the day before Christmas, and then please leave.”

“When I heard that Boris Johnson had made this offer, I thought, ‘He’s crazy,’” Mr. Balcewicz said. “Imagine a 25-, 26-year-old truck driver in Poland. He can go to Belgium and make just as much money. And the work is easier. He’s closer to his family. He can drive on the correct side of the road. In England,

Xenophobia has consequences.
La xenofobia tiene consecuencias.