Claims he and his family are innocent

Governor Pierluisi says not to bother investigating him or his buddies – “they will end up in the same place”

Governor Pedro Pierluisi indicated on Wednesday that, regardless of the names that arise linked to the super PAC Save Puerto Rico, nothing will take away the certainty that the members of his political committee have not committed any illegality.

Pedro Pierluisi: “They continue to stretch this, but again, they will end up in the same place”

The governor rules out the possibility that those close to him are in the accusatory statement against the president of Save Puerto Rico. 🙄

Pedro Pierluisi: “Siguen estirando esto, pero otra vez, van a acabar en el mismo sitio”

El gobernador descarta la posibilidad de que allegados a él estén en el pliego acusatorio contra el presidente de Salvemos a Puerto Rico

El gobernador Pedro Pierluisi indicó este miércoles que, independientemente de los nombres que surjan vinculados al súper PAC Salvemos a Puerto Rico, nada le quitará la certeza de que los miembros de su comité político no han cometido ilegalidad alguna 🫤

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