Former Commanders Fault Trump’s Use of Troops Against Protesters

Draft-dodgers might be cowards, but they are not stupid. It takes skill and privilege to get a medical note excusing you from military service during the Vietnam War. Other Republicans managed the same feat, avoiding danger, while relishing the grandeur of military violence. Now, the draft-dodger in charge is planning a dictator like show ofContinue reading “Former Commanders Fault Trump’s Use of Troops Against Protesters”

Trump’s History With the Word Sarcasm is Littered with Excuses

“In the 1949 film She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, John Wayne’s character says, “Never apologize and never explain—it’s a sign of weakness.” Many men, wanting to appear strong, have taken this attitude on. … Admitting a mistake means facing shame in a healthy way, and many men simply can’t or won’t do that.Dec 29, 2011”
I guess Trump wants to imitate John Wayne by never admitting he screwed up in public, or apologizing if he caused suffering or confusion to the general public for what he says in front of millions.