Early bird gets governmental worm.

It would have been better if I would have grabbed a breakfast type of bag. But I grabbed the bag that had apple slices, breaded chicken, chick peas, savory wheat crackers, chocolate milk, and took an extra regular milk container just in case. I am grateful that food is being given away free. The UnitedContinue reading “Early bird gets governmental worm.”

Opinion | Biden Can Beat Trump … if He Doesn’t Blow It

The freedom of privilege. Far from the COVID-19 calamity, the elderly and morbidly obese enjoys a breath of fresh air out of access from annoying media questions about the pandemic. 5.25.20

Puerto Rico to hold statehood referendum amid disillusion – Repeating Islands

“U.S. Congress would have to accept the referendum results for it to move forward, and it has never acted on the island’s previous five” referendums.”https://repeatingislands.com/2020/05/19/puerto-rico-to-hold-statehood-referendum-amid-disillusion/ Once more, the same question posed to the colonizer. This time it is posed as the head of the colonizers has already professed antipathy and opposition to help the islandContinue reading “Puerto Rico to hold statehood referendum amid disillusion – Repeating Islands”