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America and its Gun Obsession

Opinion | Our Gun Myths Have Held America Hostage for Too Long (by Francisco Cantú, guest columnist for the New York Times)  “Our national mythology has also clearly hampered our capacity to respond to gun violence — a favorite line of the N.R.A. is that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with […]

onion rings near ketchup bottle on blue background

45 and “The Beast” Even though Trump never steered anything, except a golf cart. He reportedly attempted to grab the Secret Service steering the security vehicle named “The Beast”, to force it to go where his coup buddies where ransacking the government building in an attempt to stop the electoral process. Maybe he later went and threw some […]

Trump rage example #1

Unleashed and unpredictable, January 6 investigation continues Desatada e impredecible, la investigación del 6 de enero continúa “Former aide Cassidy Hutchinson testifies on Jan. 6 warnings, pardon requests, and Trump trying to grab the wheel” (“La ex-asistente Cassidy Hutchinson testifica sobre las advertencias del 6 de enero, las solicitudes de perdón y Trump tratando de tomar el volante”)

Trump’s Rage Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to President Donald J. Trump’s final chief of staff, described Mr. Trump insisting that security allow armed protesters to move freely. She added that her boss, Mark Meadows, did little to try to manage Mr. Trump on Jan. 6 and sought a pardon for himself. Mr. Trump, responding on […]


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