Opinion | Will Bars Exist in NYC After the Coronavirus?

“the food and beverage service industry has been hit harder than almost any other in this pandemic, accounting for 60 percent of the jobs lost in March.”

Opinion | Will Bars Exist in NYC After the Coronavirus? – The New York Times

Puerto Rico to hold statehood referendum amid disillusion – Repeating Islands

“U.S. Congress would have to accept the referendum results for it to move forward, and it has never acted on the island’s previous five”


Once more, the same question posed to the colonizer. This time it is posed as the head of the colonizers has already professed antipathy and opposition to help the island during national disasters. The only purpose for this exercise is clearly make money. Someone is making millions at tax payer’s expense. The population of the island has little interest in voting about this 100 year old question that even if the U.S. pays attention, will not immediately give assistance to struggling islanders. Wake up, put money where it is needed: healthcare, education, food, and shelter for all. Stop welfare for millionaires.

Trump’s Vaccine Chief Has Vast Ties to Drug Industry, Posing Possible Conflicts

The value of his stock holdings in Moderna jumped nearly $2.4 million, to $12.4 million when the company released preliminary, partial data from an early phase of its candidate vaccine trial that helped send the markets soaring on Monday.

Trump’s Vaccine Chief Has Vast Ties to Drug Industry, Posing Possible Conflicts – The New York Times

Coronavirus latest: a senior royal wants us to *checks notes* work harder

The royal family wants everyone to start planting potatoes as a strategy for surviving the pandemic. It seems the United Kingdom’s crops are rotting since immigrants who did that work are now absent, and of course, no anglo saxon would engage in such activity. So, if you have no experience in horticulture or gardening, get ready to lose weight. Maybe you can just eat cake.