America looks the other way as immigrants in the U.S.A suffer from hunger.

The United States, once a generous country, has turned into a callous and inhospitable place for many immigrants trying to survive during a pandemic. Estados Unidos, que alguna vez fue un país generoso, se ha convertido en un lugar insensible e inhóspito para muchos inmigrantes que intentan sobrevivir durante una pandemia.

Pence Gets Grim Assessment From CDC During Briefing In Atlanta

Pence visited the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention to highlight promising vaccine developments, but he received a grim assessment of the current state of the pandemic in the U.S. — Read on This shows how removed the Trumpian world is from the stark pandemic reality. “Vice President Pence traveled to the Centers forContinue reading “Pence Gets Grim Assessment From CDC During Briefing In Atlanta”

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